ISAC : Endless Showdown is out!

2014-03-30 01:03:34 by Stickmaniaz


Finally it's out! Check the Movie here!

Watch in HD on Youtube!

ISAC has started the Biggest Collaboration Project

2014-03-15 23:34:17 by Stickmaniaz

ISAC : Endless Showdown - Teaser

Maybe you guys didn't know this so.. We just Starting a Big ISAC Collaboration Project, So.. before it was stopped temporarily due to out of participants (3 months ago). But finally we can start this project again :D


are you ready for an action?

Wohooo! It's out yeaaa, Fall out of the sky collab is finished! thanks for everyone who participating the collab :D
Go Check the Collab now!


ISAC : Fall Out of The Sky is Out!!1!

RHG #1 - Stickmaniaz vs. Nero

2013-10-13 06:17:14 by Stickmaniaz

Finally, My first RHG Battle is Released! I'm sorry if the animation is too short ._. so uhh.. watch it now!

Watch the Battle on! or Vote the battle on Stickpage Forum!

RHG #1 - Stickmaniaz vs. Nero

OMFG OMFG!!! It's here! a classic stickfigure animation concept, ISAC Stickfigure Madness Collab yay!
Watch the Collaboration here! ISAC : Stickfigure Madness Collab on!

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ISAC : Stickfigure Madness Collab is Here!

So.. Here we are! We have Started a new Stickfigure Collaboration Event called ISAC : Fall Off the Sky Collab :D
If you're Indonesian, you can join the event here!

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Check out our previous Collab now ISAC : Ride the Rocket Collab


ISAC : Fall Off The Sky Collab Event Started Now!