ISAC : Fall Out of The Sky is Out!!1!

2013-10-26 07:50:46 by Stickmaniaz

Wohooo! It's out yeaaa, Fall out of the sky collab is finished! thanks for everyone who participating the collab :D
Go Check the Collab now!


ISAC : Fall Out of The Sky is Out!!1!


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2013-10-28 06:31:23

Congrats on the award! :) It was great stuff.

Btw, does ISAC have a site?

Stickmaniaz responds:

haha, thanks xD
currently, we only have a forum .__. and it's not really active.


2013-11-05 18:26:11

when is the next collab coming out?

Stickmaniaz responds:

we still implementing it, so stay tuned!